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Exclusive: Case Dismissed

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) tells Emerald Robinson that the lawsuit seeking to remove him from the ballot has been dismissed.

Transcript from The Absolute Truth today:

Rep. Andy Biggs on the case to remove him from the ballot: “I'll give you some breaking news, Emerald. I just received right before I came on the air, the order in my case, Paul Gosar’s case and Mark Finchem's case here in Arizona — and the judge granted our motions to dismiss on all those cases. And we’ll see what happens, whether the plaintiffs appeal or not, but, that's where we sit. That's the posture of our case.”

Rep. Andy Biggs also addressed the Kevin McCarthy taped phone call controversy: “Yeah. I mean, if that's an accurate tape, in my opinion, it would be very undermining to the entire Republican effort in Congress at that time. And, it would be no surprise that Liz Channey would be pushing for that. We knew that, and we'd been trying to agitate — some of us had been agitating that she used to be removed from, from a conference chairmanship, because it actually went against all, you know, the, the vast majority of Republicans. What's odd about that this particular comment in context is that literally almost 150 members of Congress in the house had been willing to — and actually had voted to delay — the certification of electors from various states. This notion of what we see happening here is undermining as well because the minority leader was telling us something very different than what is conveyed on that audio tape. So we, I think we have to get to the bottom of it, find out if it's accurate, and, put a little bit more context on it. But to me it's very troubling and very disappointing actually.”

Emerald Robinson: “And in the past, McCarthy had denied claims that he supported Trump resigning. So the big question is, if this is validated and verified, will this affect his leadership position in the Republican party, in the house?”

Rep. Andy Biggs: “That remains to be seen. Um, you know, there's a lot of people who really are very supportive of Kevin. There are those who are a little bit more skeptical of Kevin. So, you know, it's a majoritarian body, so, he's gonna have to come. My guess is he's gonna probably have to come. We're getting together early next week as an entire conference, and he'll have to come in and probably defend and make his case.”

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