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Exclusive: Interview With Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower

Jack Maxey talks with me today while in hiding in Switzerland

The TV transcript:

EMERALD: The dam has finally broken since the establishment has decided that Biden himself is too broken to be president much longer. Now at MSNBC, the Hill, Yahoo, all are reporting on the Biden's shady business deals after nearly two years of covering for the family. CBS reporting Wednesday, that US banks flagged more than 150 transactions involving either Hunter Biden, or his uncle James Biden, and their global business deals.

Now only did the media attempt to suppress the news about the laptop, but so did us intelligence and federal law enforcement and one man who tried to get the word out to get the information to the public and is responsible for a lot of what we know about the Biden business deals and what is on that laptop is now afraid for his safety. Jack Maxy was approached by Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerick in 2020 to help access the laptop. Maxi then gave a copy of the laptop to the Daily Mail who independently verified its authenticity. Now Maxi is fled to Switzerland where he is working on making public another 450 gigabytes of deleted material. And Jack Maxi joins us now from Switzerland. Welcome Jack.

EMERALD: Jack. I want to get into what you're currently working on in a moment, but first off, just tell us what, what caused so much concern for you that you felt that you had to flee the USA to Switzerland?

MAXEY: Well, in February of last year, under advice from people who were very worried about my safety, uh, I was told that I need to release a certain amount of information to the web so that the, uh, guys in the black Suburbans would know that I could release it all. I've been able to release it all for over a year. I haven't done that because I wanna protect the multiple, uh, female trafficked victims and some underage people that are on that laptop. So we decided to put 8,000 emails onto Dropboxes one in New Zealand, two in the United States, two in the United Kingdom. Uh, these are the same Dropboxes that they tell us that, uh, child pornography is shared on with impunity. None of those Dropboxes lasted for more than 70 minutes. Some of them were down in almost seconds. These are all five eyes countries. That would be the five eyes intelligence sharing agreement between New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Uh, so in desperation, a European colleague recommended I try something called Swiss transfer. I did, and I uploaded those files. Hundreds of times, giving the opportunity to download about 25 or 30 each time I did it. I did that on Twitter, openly on social media and towards the end of that operation to whi banned me for life. After first, sending me a letter saying that they heard I was gonna commit suicide. And about two hours later, they banned me forever.

EMERALD: Now let me ask you, Jack, you approached lots of outlets and tried to offer this information copies of the laptop, the drive to multiple media outlets, but many of them didn't take you up on that. Isn't that correct?

MAXEY: That's true. I sent emails to most of the major papers in America. I sent, uh, offers to the Fox News on multiple occasions. Uh, I even tried SkyNews, the first people to take it actually were television on January 7th of last year when I, uh, wanted them to have it because it was clear that Hunter had a spy inside Swedish house — which houses the Swedish inland embassies and the Swedish ambassador’s residence. So they were the first media outlet to I give it to. Then I flew it out to the Daily Mail of London on March 3rd of last year, they did a forensic, uh, survey of it, which I think you had in your open. Then on June 16th, I gave it to the Washington Post in, uh, their boardroom present were Tom Hamburger, Peter Walton, the national editor who I put it in his hand. Later on, a few weeks later, I gave it to Chuck Grassley and the minority members on the [Senate] Judiciary Committee on the 8th of July. I never heard back from them even one time.

And those are really the only major news outlets that I was able to give it to — because the others have denied, uh, a willingness to take it up until the present day.

I did dump several hundred documents to the New York Times in early February — when I saw that they were had a FOIA request out on [former FBI Director] Louis Freeh and Romania and, uh, a guy named Povescu (?) and the State Department. Louis Free was up to his ears in that operation, which was to get a criminal compatriot of Hunters out of jail who had been put it there by a female prosecutor, a very good prosecutor in the spring of 2016 — which your viewers should understand is the same spring that, uh, the US government, including Vice President Biden were threatening the Ukrainian government, telling them they had to fire the prosecutor who was going after Hunter's other corrupt partner in Ukraine, Zlochevsky, the chairman of Barista.

So I sent the New York Times multiple, uh, uh, documents. I wanted them to be up to speed. They did respond. They asked me to keep sending them, but I, I never actually heard back from anyone other than by text.

EMERALD: Now, let me ask you just to clarify the story for our viewers. You came to be in possession of the laptop because you were asked by mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New York police commissioner, Bernie Kerik, to help them get into the laptop. Is that correct? They weren't able to access it though. They had it,

MAXEY: That is correct. And, uh, they offered a copy to Steve Bannon and I, and Steve said, look, if you want someone to look at it, have my guy Maxy, look at it. I did first person, I called down to help me verify was SamFatas — a very well renowned CIA operator. And we, I looked at at first and it was clear that it was real. I found multiple criminal actions inside the broker dealer, Rosemont Seneca. And, later we found more and more and more. Uh, Sam also agreed with me instantly that it was real. Now this was on, or about, the 15th of October 20, 2020. Two days later, we had two articles in the New York Post on the 17th and 18th. And on the morning of the 19th, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Panetta, and 46 other intel professionals wrote a letter through Politico declaring that, in their judgment, this was a fabrication of Russian intelligence. For your listeners who were wondering about election interference, stop wasting your time on the recount — the election interference came from our own intelligence services.

Please note: The rest of the interview can be found at FRANKSPEECH.COM

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