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Welcome To The Great Spiritual War Of Our Time

A pagan cult of communists, perverts & pedophiles is trying to replace the dominant religion of the West

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the rapid decline of the United States in the last three years then you know that what you are witnessing is not just a political battle — not just a cultural conflict between conservatives and liberals if you prefer those terms — but a great spiritual war that now threatens the continued existence of western civilization itself.

The side of evil should now be obvious to everyone. The perverts, pedophiles, abortion fanatics, and Chinese communist party officials are all on the same grotesque side. It’s the side of the woke and the queer theorists.

It’s the side of the Democrat Party in America and the communist Left all around the world.

This is the axis of evil that I call the Rainbow Jihad.

The Rainbow Jihad is not trying to purify or improve Christianity. It’s a pagan cult that’s trying to replace the dominant religion of the West.

There should be no confusion on that point anymore — least of all from the complacent Christian majority in America whose moral cowardice has led to this crisis in our civilization.

The Nashville killer Audrey Hale was not confused. She knew which side she was fighting for. She murdered Christian children for a reason — the Christians were her enemies. That’s why she left a manifesto rather than a suicide note.

The Christian majority in America must come to terms with their adversaries now. There’s a reason that every week there seems to be another iconic brand putting a transvestite or a drag queen in its advertising as if it’s perfectly normal.

There’s a reason that the now famous transvestite Dylan Mulvaney was hosted at the White House by Joe Biden earlier this year.

The evil of the Rainbow Jihad starts right at the top in America now. It goes all the way to the White House.

That’s why transvestites are four-star admirals and gay Satanists are made health officials now by a man pretending to be Catholic.

The evil has spread far beyond America too.

Just last week a United Nations report was released which called for drug use to be criminalized — as well as sexual activity between adults and minors.

That’s right: our corrupt elites want pedophilia to be accepted as a basic part of international human rights.

The Rainbow Jihad which is pushing to normalize these evils in our churches and schools is conducting a worldwide campaign which pretends to be about your civil rights — but only evil people care about equality and fairness for pimps and pedophiles and drug cartels.

In other words: they are waging a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion campaign for the damned.

The Rainbow Jihad is not an accidental coalition of political groups and cultural forces. There’s a common unity between these people — and the unity is their shared hatred of God. That’s why this evil movement seems to be communist and sexually perverted and Satanic all at the same time.

If you are still wondering why America has reached this abyss so quickly, you are not alone. There’s a few things that conservative Christians and Republican voters need to hear. The old libertarian philosophy of the GOP that we embraced for years — summarized in the phrase “live and let live” — is the moral catastrophe that has allowed America to be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah.

You didn’t want to be called a bigot so you accepted gay marriage.

You wanted to be tolerant.

You wanted to be inclusive.

And that’s why, now, you’re being conquered.

If you do not affirm their lifestyle, if you don’t agree that boys can be girls and girls can be boys then the Rainbow Jihad has no problem killing you. Or getting you fired from your job. Or grooming your kids in public school.

The list goes on and on.

They’re fanatics, and you will be forced to bow down to the Pride Flag or else. They do not believe in leaving you alone. They want to win — and they are prepared to burn our civilization to the ground for their pagan cult.

The question now is: will you fight for your God as well?

We are about to find out.

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