Well said Emerald! I've gained respect for you after you were fired from Newsmax. I've been reading every piece you've sent. I admire your tenacity to spread the truth. You are spot on. I'm awake. I'm just now buying a house in Colorado just to find there is horrendous steal of 2024 election by having our criminal Secretary of State Jena Griswold allow a grave injustice to this state. They will NOT succeed. I'll start with my fight locally and win Colorado back as a red state. There's so many of us than those who destroy the state by liberal policies in this country. There are some folks sitting on the sidelines hoping praying works. It's not the only thing we need to do. In book of James, faith without action is dead. We must participate like our forefathers wanted us to by being dutiful citizens. We must become poll watchers. We must become candidates. We must take back GOP by becoming their base. We must not give up. I know we are living in Ezekiel times as prophecies are being fulfilled. It's time to take on the full armor of God. Take authority while we have it now. Take back what Satan has stole from you. Be an example. Thank you Emerald for stirring us up. Time to fight!

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Yes.... wag the dog. And then we have a whole bunch of Christians (dispensationalists) who think we will be raptured out of this soon.

Oh the distractions!

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Oct 31·edited Oct 31

Miss Emerald,

I both agree & disagree with this article.

Ukraine is, & has been, a massively corrupt Country for as long as I can remember. Their Government, along with NATO's rumblings of yet one more Treaty breach of adding Ukraine to NATO, tho it meets almost none of its requirements for membership, is just one of the major factors in this conflict becoming a "war". In addition, during the runup to the initial attack by Russia, Ukraine's, NATO's & the Chao BaiDung regime's refusal to meet with Putin to discuss Russia's concerns, tho formal requests were made at least 4 times that I know of, also led directly to this "war".

Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of Putin's, I am just looking at the base causes of this, & we won't even get into the why's of the USA blowing up the pipelines, post the beginning of the "war".

I was only a supporter of the Ukrainians for about 3 weeks, during which time I did my best to edjumicate myself as to a broader understand of what preceded the fighting.

I had been aware of both the Clintonistas & BaiDung's crooked dealings with Ukraine, prior to my research, but my understanding of their involvement & the corruption was both broadened & deepened by my research.

All of this would be put aside, & I would speak out loudly & support either side, if it came to light that one of these combatants had committed atrocities such as the moslems of hamas committed upon the unfortunate, deluded leftist Israelis who thought they could live in peace & unarmed within a "stone's throw" of the terrorists who have a Charter that calls for the death of all Jews.....of which I am one.

While Israel is not without its own corruption (as is our own Country), no one is safe from any of the numerous islamic terrorist death cultists, & that polyglot mix of arabs & others who have made up whole cloth, the designation as "palestinians". The designation of "palestinian", started in 1964 with their very own liar in chief - yassir arafat.

To accurately portray the history here would take far too long, & I do not support unconditional support of Israel, nor of Ukraine, but our inept Deep State has had what little "military intelligence" it had, systematically removed in great numbers during both the Onozo & now BaiDung regimes......even down to promoting the impossible idea that XX could ever equal XY, & vice versa, & placing these mental health cases in positions of power. Is there the need to point out the incredible number of quislings & spies we also have? No, you know this.

So yes, we do have a huge battle at home, but not appropriately supporting Israel is not the way to go.

Taking billions away from the hiring, training, & arming of thousands of new IRA "agents", is right up my alley, especially as the current IRS has also become a member of the Swamp & Deep State, & needs a full clean out of its own.

The following is a text & an email I sent out to both Christian & Jewish Patriots I know, & who also read your articles.

I cannot urge y'all strongly enough to watch the short video of the Saudi Arab, speaking the truth about the "palestinians", if that is the only one you watch.

Peace thru Strength & Trust but Verify...

Molon Labe


"Fellow Patriots,

This is what I wrote back to a texting string in response to the 1st video link below, which was sent out by the President of our local Synagogue.

Douglas's speech speaks volumes, & I hope to see him interviewed on ANY news channel in the USA.


This is from the Jewish Chronicle on Oct. 14th-

"Douglas Murray: ‘Treat UK Hamas supporters like Isis supporters'"


Excellent video Phil, todah rabah.

BTW, Douglas stood tall against the terror almost immediately, & has another excellent video on YouTube, also from Oct 14th with the British Mag - The Spectator.

Unfortunately, none of what Douglas, others like him, or the following from this Imam, will ever be watched by those who need it most, one of the reasons we remain so divided.

The following video was sent to me by a longtime (50yrs) Catholic friend of mine, who has always been a steadfast supporter of Israel, & our people.

"What Saudi author and media personality Rawaf al-Saeen thinks of Palestinians and their cause:"


Warning: Many of you may not agree with Rawaf's views, or my own, for they are hard, & show no mercy. We do not live in a Disney World of "make believe", tho far too many live as if we do.

I must admit that I am floored.....it is a rare thing to hear any Saudi moslem speak so candidly & truthfully about the polyglot mix of peoples who have given themselves the fake name of "palestinians".

Rawaf even states he would open his home to a Jew, yet never to a "palestinian", for he knows the truth. He is our brother, tho I fear this will make him unpopular & in danger from his own people, as examples of fatwah, apostate, & "honor" killings are numerous, within & without, the moslem Ummah.

It deserves special note that the history he gives about this particular group of people when moved to other arab/moslem Countries, is one of the reasons there is not one single Country that is willing to open its doors to them.

And yet, the most powerful part of his message is that us Jews are unwilling to do what is repugnant, yet we have precedent in the Torah of this horror being of necessity.

I am one who will never go quietly into that boxcar.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Keep investigating and writing Em. You are on point. Our war is at home.

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Thank you, Emerald. We are being played indeed. Israel is turning Gaza into a heap of rubble, leaving us to deal with the humanitarian and military fallout. And asking questions makes one sympathetic to Hamas.

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We can always count on you for COMMON SENSE and TRUTH, Emerald. Thank you. This a fight of GOOD versus EVIL.

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I just got through writing an email to friends and family to alert them to the dangers of inaction…to stop watching TV and get involved. I actually said to avoid all distractions by the ‘look over here’ forces. Some will take it to heart while others think I’m a shrew when it comes to standing up for this country. They hate it when I say, as a boomer, that we let this partially hidden slithering snake called socialism and totalitarianism bite us in the a$$ while we ignored the signs, raising our families, driven to succeed and have fun, only to have let these evil people take the reins! NO MORE! We can never stop fighting because this evil is pervasive.

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I can’t skirt around the biblical fact that Israel has no allies come the Apocalypse. That means the US has disappeared....either by a president who doesn’t care...or the US has been neutralized (from within or without).

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The most startling and depressing aspect of the last 3+ years was the near complete absence of critical thinking on the part of the human population. Disappointing. Damn, what a gullible breed!

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True Enough

you don't even know what to say anymore ... it never ends.

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As usual, you are spot on. The demorats are masters of distraction.

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I just don’t get why no one is stopping this invasion. Governor Abbott could easily have stopped this. What is the goal this administration going for??? No one in Congress is doing a darn thing as well. Are they all in on it??? Rush Limbaugh said this country wouldn’t survive a Biden (Admin) presidency and he was right (he is so missed). What can we do when are votes will be stolen again anyway??

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Speaker Mike Johnson is the best thing that has happened to America in the last three years. He is a strongly evangelical Christian and I have a great deal of trust in his judgement.

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Beautiful, all true! The (at least) 8 million that have poured over the border since Biden literally said "Surge the border" out loud during the primaries is the biggest, longest lasting, easy to read "Tell" in the history of poker. I wonder if Obama et al gave him

notes on his delivery afterwards.

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Emerald, you are wrong about Israel. I find it hard to believe that you can not see the spiritual battle taking place. This is nothing like Ukraine. Don't make the foolish mistake that Biden is making of conflating the two - they are not at all the same thing. Do some research and read your Bible!


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They are not "just" distractions.

And if villains use them as distractions, that tells you little about the events themselves.

But the threat of tyranny here, coming even with the cooperation of top 'conservative' thought leaders, even Trump-friendly ones, is very real, and growing by the day. https://pomocon.substack.com/p/the-silence-on-the-jabs

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