Fani didn't have a thing to worry about down in Fulton County. JawGA, she could have skimmed $$$ and ate "high on the hog" but no siree, she had to go swim with those big DC Obamy democRats. Getting $160,000 + is Paltry to begin with, and to try to take down DJT is just out of her league.

They will Dump her faster than a snake on a hot black top summer road. She just got the "big head" and thought she was sumptin when she is nuthin. Hard Landing coming, girl.

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Imagine how many donors are unaware that they are being abused using this illegal form of donation! Thank you for shining the light on this corruption! Stellar work, Emerald!

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I’m not in the least surprised. She has that overall scheming, liberal Trump-hating attitude which, once we delve further into the life of such a person, we find they’re totally corrupt.

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Fulton County is a Democratic Party stronghold. I wouldn't be holding my breath for the SEC *or* the County Sheriff to jump on this. ActBlue has the protection of Congress and Republicans know if they go after ActBlue, WinRed will be next in the crosshairs and *those* charges *will* stick. Just look at the classified documents scandal. Joe Biden's crimes were far more egregious than any other federally elected employee and Hur won't prosecute because he's old? I'll remember that when the ATF or FBI shows up to drag my husband and I out of our house for expressing a dissident opinion on social media. We're old, so we can't be charged. 🙄

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Didn't the Clintons do this first with the illegal Chinese donations?

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Could you not make the case that a significant majority of campaign funding nowadays is in part a money laundering scheme? And isn't it likely that republicans are just as guilty as democrats?

All of the drama surrounding political campaigns and voting is now one big illusion designed and perpetuated to give us the false impression that we have a choice and that, if we just vote the right way, we could see real change in our governments. But it's all fake. Nothing changes because all politicians and bought and paid for, either through bribes or intimidation. It's all a banker's game.

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Too bad GA is run by corrupt Uniparty sickos like Kemp and Raffensberger.

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Why are so many of these Black female politican "lawyers" corrupted souls?

And when we criticize their behavior, we are called racist.


They are dirty. They know it. We know it.

Bye bye Fani.

Harvard will offer you a job at their once prestigious law school as a guest lecturer.

Six class seminar. Invitation only. Black students . Topic? " How to RIP Off the Taxpayer Under the Disguise of Good Government. "

Thanks for doing FJB'S bidding Fani.

Your romantic lust created your demise.

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The old litmus test for a conservative used to be where do they stand on abortion. We should add to that...(1) what did you do for the J6th prisoners. (2) what did you do about the 2020 election fraud(3) are you for term limits (4) what did you do to investigate election fraud in your state. Nothing! Then we can't vote for you again. Sorry! You are too useless i.e a typical GOP member.

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F Willis; Nathan Wade is a co-conspirator in the theft and/or misappropriation of public monies, willful misconduct with his law license - yet, nary an indictment, no State Bar of Georgia suspension or even investigation. Maybe Giuliani should hire him!

F Willis; If her name were Ellis or Haller or Newman, she'd already be censured, suspended, indicted, convicted and jailed.

But all the above would require a judiciary, an informed citizenry, and a MEDIA.

But, to quote St. Vincent Millay: "not a rag have I."

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You and your source are my new heroes. Thank you!!!

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Just amazing at how much corruption has been exposed in the Georgia case alone once the thread was pulled.

Keep digging as it will surely expose more.

Thanks, Emerald

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It should be illegal everywhere, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's happening on both sides of the aisle, but likely more on the Democrat side.

It's too bad they give Donkeys a bad name.

This donkey gets really excited...wagging his tail and all lol

Giant Screaming Chicken Makes Donkey's Day


Guarding the farm animals! Who knew all this about Donkeys?


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Can anything be done about this or is it just going to be swept under the rug like everything else?

Has this lady no shame or conscience?

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Illegal in Georgia? That means, of course, that there will be silence and inaction on that WEF lackey, Governor Kemp.

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