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Ground zero for the 2020 communist coup.

Though what a vast cabal of Uniparty politicians and deep state grifters aided by big tech/media/pharma it required to eliminate the People’s President.

It’s daunting and discouraging so I look to the one ☝️ for whom nothing is impossible 🙏🏻

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Awesome Reporting. Hopefully many of these GA Patriots will tell Gov. Kemp where he can stick this maintenance program. 🍑

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Feb 21, 2022Liked by Emerald Robinson

Thank you for coming to Atlanta on a cold Friday morning and standing with us to show America that the People are tired of bad government and are learning to take the necessary steps to correct the same.

Preserve GA Rights and GA Patriots are grateful to you and Mike Lindell for all you did to bring attention to our work and help make our rally afterward a success.

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Emerald, grateful and proud of you and all who stand tall and resist! We the People want freedom and truth!

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Raffensperger and Kemp's days are numbered

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Hi, Emerald. The man that wrote the notice of maladministration learned from two great patriots

from Arizona: David Jose and Josh Barnett.

Here is a teaching about Maladministration: https://youtu.be/fc0EdUzpunM 19 minutes

Here is a teaching about the strategy of sending notices and affidavits to elected servants in government: The Solution to the Constitutional Crisis in plain language and Real law https://youtu.be/BfUpSBixpCQ 19 minutes

Second: Like him or not Dr. Shiva Ayyudurai put out valuable information concerning documents published by Harvard's Kennedy School Belfer Center of Science of International Affairs. Their D3P project (Defending Digital Democracy Project) published strategic documents to instruct election staff at all levels to carry out forms of information control including cooperation with media groups, etc. to influence voter and contribute to the Biden win.

When elected officials don't want to investigate what happened in November 2020, I believe it is due to the various alliances that were created to control the outcome of the various races in that election.

Dr. Shiva also pointed to groups such as NASED: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE ELECTION DIRECTORS. He showed a diagram with the names of various individuals, associations, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations, and it did include these documents (and others) that instructed state and local officials how to control information and how to take action against what they referred to as "misinformation". Please see the link about two of their playbooks related to that topic here: https://www.belfercenter.org/project/defending-digital-democracy#!the-election-influence-operations-playbook

Please read the following introduction of one of their playbooks with this in mind, that the State Election Directors co-ordinate their actions together. The following paragraphs do indicate that this is so.

Here is what is part of the introduction of the Belfer Center's playbook entitled THE ELECTIONS BATTLE STAFF PLAYBOOK (2019) https://www.belfercenter.org/sites/default/files/2019-12/Battle%20Staff.pdf

The 2016 elections changed our nation’s consciousness on election security and how malicious actors can influence our democracy. While the threats were not new, for most of us they were newly realized. The vulnerabilities in our democratic process—from campaigns to elections operations—combined with efforts to spread false or deliberately misleading information, have weakened the public’s faith in the integrity of elections. Yet that faith is vital to our democratic process, so we must work to restore and sustain it.

Democratic governance is a right we have as Americans, but like freedom, democracy is not free. It takes people willing to stand up and defend the process. Ensuring election security is our collective responsibility as Americans, but election officials, campaigns, and others involved in advancing the democratic process carry the greatest weight as its frontline defense. That’s why we established the Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P): to equip those on the frontlines of democracy with tools and resources to be successful against constantly evolving threats.

With 2020 around the corner, we know adversaries who seek to undermine our democracy are

preparing, and so must we. The American people and the world are watching. We must show them how seriously we take the threats and how committed we remain to the cause.

Despite the enormous challenges ahead, we know that democracy is in good hands because we have spent the past two-and-a-half years working together with dedicated American election officials like you. We have visited and/or trained officials from 45 states and countless counties. We have spent time in your spaces, met your teams, listened to your ideas, noted your concerns, reviewed your preparation, observed your operations, and identified ways in which we can continue to help.

Our previous Playbooks have focused on the threats posed by cyber-attacks and information operations. This latest Playbook has a broader scope and equips you with strategies to operationalize the guidance from past Playbooks through effective preparation, communication, incident tracking, and team organization. By compiling best practices from private and public sector actors, we hope to enhance the capacity of your election team, regardless of your staff or jurisdiction size. It will better prepare you to identify issues and respond to incidents of all types during election operations.

We hope this Elections Battle Staff Playbook empowers you to take defending election operations

to the next level.

Good luck,


Again, I will repeat what I wanted to emphasize here:

We have visited and/or trained officials from 45 states and countless counties. We have spent time in your spaces, met your teams, listened to your ideas, noted your concerns, reviewed your preparation, observed your operations, and identified ways in which we can continue to help.

Everyone is looking at the machines, the companies behind the machines, etc.

No one is looking at the infrastructure that was built that is still working to this day to block the investigations of the 2020 elections.

It was great to watch your report with Mike in Georgia and Ohio, but I was especially happy to see what happened in Georgia. Serving Notices of Maladministration is a big deal.



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Jessica, You are correct. We did learn this process from Dave Jose, Josh Barnett and also Dr. Kandiss Taylor who brought the first Notices/Affidavits of Maladministration to Governor Kemp.

The People don’t stand on their rights because the People don’t understand their rights. The 50 State Constitutions give clear guidance of how local government should be operated. By the will and direction of THE PEOPLE

Anyone who wishes to see the document, click here.


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https://i0.wp.com/vashiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/11889-Exhibit-A-SECOND-AMENDED-COMPLAINT-07-22-2021-JPEG-scaled.jpg?ssl=1 Dr. Shiva's Diagram.

Emerald, I think that this diagram has more than enough information that can get to the bottom of the coverup of the investigation of the 2020 elections.

Another document that Dr. Shiva pointed to in his lawsuit that was used as a reference for the obstruction of the investigations of the 2020 elections is called the "THE LONG FUSE REPORT: Misinformation and the 2020 Election" by the Election Integrity Project https://vashiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/EIP-Final-Report.pdf

I found all of this information through Dr. Shiva's site that shows the documents from his lawsuit. https://vashiva.com/first-amendment-twitter-galvin-lawsuit/ Dr. Shiva's lawsuit.

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Brad Raffeloffyouroffspring.

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Great Front-line report. Thanks Emerald!

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Emerald Robinson, you are amazing. Thank you for standing up.

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Keep up the pressure on these

look-the-other-way, gutless sacks of shit in government.

Without a fair and honest voting process this nation is doomed.

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