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Exclusive Video: 40,000 election fraud affidavits get served to angry Gov. Kemp staff in Georgia

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger wants to force all 159 GA counties into a “maintenance program” to use the same infamous voting system vendor as 2020!

On Friday, I found myself in Georgia with Mike Lindell as a local group called Georgia Patriots (led by Holly Kelser) showed up to deliver about 40,000 sworn affidavits regarding 2020 election fraud to the office of Governor Brian Kemp. Needless to say, they were not exactly thrilled to see us.

A group called Georgia Patriots legally served Governor Kemp with these affidavits but Governor Kemp was nowhere to be found. Kemp’s Operations Manager finally took custody of the boxes once their legal department showed up. Kemp knew that angry constituents from his own party were showing up that day and so it’s probably no coincidence that Kemp and most of his staff were not in the office. Most of them had disappeared for the day.

Our producers can also confirm that Governor Kemp has CNN playing in his office. Does that sound conservative to you?

Governor Kemp should respond to these affidavits by Friday, February 25th. In addition, Georgia Patriots informed us that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received a digital copy of all the affidavits served to Governor Kemp — as well as “a legal notice of maladministration.”

The hour is already very late for clean elections in Georgia in 2022. Apparently, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is trying to force all 159 counties of Georgia into a one-year “maintenance program” to use the same infamous electronic voting system vendor that was used in the 2020 election. If these counties sign up for this program, they will essentially be trapped into using the same machines again in 2022.

That’s right: Brad Raffensperger is trying to bluff Georgia’s county election officials into using the same electronic voting machines that made the 2020 election such an international scandal!

It’s up to the local counties to decline to use these electronic voting machines — but Raffensperger and his office continue to insist, falsely, that the local counties have no choice in the matter. The counties are being strong-armed into signing right now.

Nine counties are currently declining to sign the “maintenance program.” Will Raffensperger’s plot succeed? Or will the counties recover their autonomy and actually have a clean 2022 election?

We shall soon know.

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To learn more about Georgia Patriots, go here.

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