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Gen. Michael Flynn Stirs Up Twitter Storm

If you tell the truth about Ukraine, the trolls and bots smear your name

Yesterday on my new show The Absolute Truth, Gen. Michael Flynn joined me as a guest to discuss the Russia-Ukraine war. Tonight, Flynn’s guest appearance on my show was trending on Twitter —24 hours later.

What was curious about this trend was that it was made up entirely of little known left-wing activists and bots. In other words, it was manufactured.

Various “blue wave” accounts that only push Democrat slogans (“Flynn is a traitor!”) got behind this effort to smear Flynn.

This looks like targeted messaging by paid trolls and bots, doesn’t it?

It’s not even well done either — most of them are anonymous accounts with Ukraine flags for faces. It’s an astroturf operation.

Why is this happening now? Watch my interview with Gen. Flynn and the explanation is obvious. Look what he’s saying about the Russia-Ukraine war. It runs counter to all the war propaganda running through America’s corporate media right now.

What are the odds that this smear campaign was created by one of the branches of our national security state?

The odds are very high.

I Need Your Support!

Who held the Biden Administration to account for its corruption every day like me?

Independent and fearless journalists need your support like never before.

I need your support like never before.

The corporate media is completely corrupt. They just got exposed for taking the Biden regime’s money to push the deadly vaccines on your family without disclosing it! There’s a word for that — and the word is: propaganda.

If we are going to survive the current regime then we must stand together.

I’ve got your back.

Do you have mine?

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