Ivermectin does work. I came down with Covid on Christmas Eve. I am 64 yrs old. I could not get ahold of my doctor and my high fever was not responding to massive doses of ibuprofen and naproxen. The weekend emergency line nurse told me to go the emergency room.

INSTEAD, I took some ivermectin that my neighbor had offered. My fever broke in a few hours and I was cured in 3 days. Complete reversal of symptoms! Since then I have made sure all of my family members have a supply of ivermectin on hand in case they get sick. I will never be without it again. (We got it from Front Line doctors)

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The US Government is guilty of Genocide.

This is the bottom line.

The US Government, Fauci, Daszak, the CDC, the FDA, Pfizer, Moderna: they are all guilty of Genocide. And all the doctors who complied with them (95% of the doctors?). And all the politicians. They all must be tried, prosecuted and sentenced for Genocide, Mass Murder, Fraud, and Crimes against Humanity. Period.

Add to the list: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Sean Hannity, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, CBS, ABC: all collaborators of the above Criminals: they must be tried too, for aiding and abetting those crimes, just like the Nazi collaborators were tried and sentenced to Death in the Nuremberg Trials, after WW2.

Add to the list fo collaborators: Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube. And Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Lloyd Austin (killer"vaccine" mandates for the Mil.), Nancy Pelosi - and 80% of Senators and Rep's. And many, many Governors, starting with Gavin Newsom and Cuomo.

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Mar 12, 2022·edited Mar 12, 2022

Another wonderful article, Emerald.

I am so tired of being lied to by elected officious little men who decide what is best for we "hoipoloi"[sic].

They have been lying to us ever since 1787. James Madison and the other 54 signers of the Constitution tried to protect us from government tyranny by restricting the ability of the federal government and reserving most powers to the various states. But the usurpers of Our Constitution have been at work for 235 years chipping away at individual liberties and state's rights which were enshrined in that precious document. Benjamin Franklin warned us on the steps of Independance Hall in Philadelphia. He said in response to a questioner that we had a republic, if we could keep it.

Today the American people are treated as nothing more than sheep by a tryannical government that is bent on eliminating all oppisition to its authority.

We have done this to ourselves by voting our desires rather than our needs. Each time we voted for a politician who promised us some piece of the federal pie, we voted for tyranny.

Major Clifton has the last line in David Lean's 1957 masterpiece, The Bridge on the River Kwai. He stands on a hill overlooking the rubble of that bridge and declares, "Madness... Madness."

How fitting an epitaph for what we have done to Our Country.

Study civics and read the Founding Fathers to see how we derailed Our Constitution.

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I am furious! Hopefully, if Republicans win the House and Senate in November they will aggressively investigate the CDC, NIAID, NIH and start the ball rolling on criminal indictments to hold individuals legally accountable. These bureaucratic departments need to be completely dismantled. They are thoroughly corrupt. Unfortunately, many Republicans and even conservative Supreme Court justices are timid and woefully uninformed, captivated by this narrative of fear that has gripped the world. What we have done to our children, perhaps for generations is unforgivable.

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It doesn't matter if a few substack readers are angry. It only matters if we do something constructive with that anger. Yes, most of us agree there were gross crimes, and the perpetrators should be punished. But most of the world still reveres those criminals. The immediate target should not be the criminals, but those who tolerate them. OJ killed his wife and her boyfriend, and was exonerated. OJ was a criminal, but so was his jury. If we don't fix the jury, criminals walk.

Many people are angry, and want to improve things, but don't want to do the necessary steps. Some are so timid they refuse to listen to those who suggest aggressive responses. I've actually been "banned" by a fragile substack writer who claims to be mad, but refuses to do more than complain. Frightened people are often irrational.

Given enough time, we can convince everyone we've been victimized by corrupt government and their disciples, with calm, rational logic. But the forces of tyranny are gaining strength while we diplomatically preach appeasement. The vectors indicate imminent destruction of our society. We can't afford diplomacy. We have no time for debates. We act or we fail. If we fail, we lose our culture.

Those who care for our culture need to become as aggressive as laws allow in fighting for it. Donate to law firms who are fighting the tyranny in court. That takes time too, but produces definitive, enforceable outcomes. Those who care for our culture need to make their demands known to their politicians. Attend rallies, write letters, support rational candidates to oppose the sell-outs. Those who care for our culture need to punish businesses that support its destruction. Supporting the collaborators of the criminals is direct support for the criminals. Those who care for our culture need to emphatically inform family, friends and neighbors of the dangers. They remain captives of the criminals because they're afraid, and ignorant. It's a well known mental disorder psychologists call Stockholm Syndrome. Education can't penetrate the fear. We need to make them fear us more than their captors. We need interventions. We each need to decide whether our friendships are more important than our future. They'll thank us later.

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So many compromised individuals like Fauci, Birx,Collins, et al, it is hard to fathom. It is equally difficult to comprehend how little a conscience these people have and all for money. The oath they took was worthless. Thank you for your great article, Emerald. So proud of you. Keep them coming.

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Most physicians are no longer independent (government & insurer rules & regulations make it next to impossible to be financially independent), they're employees who do what they're told.

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I have been angry about this now for 1 yr give or take 10 months... i'll give 2 months to my skepticism and belief that our doctors actually cared about us. I am so over the top angry that we had this done to us - there needs to be real, tangible judgement for those involved in this chicanery. Every that had a friend or family member that was given this death protocol, without Ivermectin or HCL should be calling some people to back to the mat. This cannot be swept under the rug. It took our jobs (ie. mine: https://www.ididnotcomply.com), our freedom, our vote, and our security and threw it away like a dirty rag. I'm done, I'm awake, and yes, I am angry. Thanks for all you do Emerald. Keep up the fight!

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The docs have always known ivermectin works. I know one and he says they’re all taking it.

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Robert CurlinWrites Bemused in Hicksville ·11 min ago

"The main culprits employed at the FDA and the CDC and Big Pharma must be arrested and tried for their crimes. The FDA and the CDC should both be razed to the ground." 100% agree with this need! Unfortunately, we have a very compromised FBI, DOJ and Attorney General. But it will take the people overturning a complicit Congress--voting out all those who put lobbyists, 3-letter agencies, confirming more bureaucrats and enriching themselves in the process, before "duty." While the media propagandists have been distracting us with 24/7 "Ukraine good, Putin bad--must start WW3," Congress quietly rammed through a 2,741 page, $1.5 trillion Continuing Resolution (CR) on Thursday night--mostly unread because it wasn't released until Wednesday night. (A fairly regular pattern with Pelosi & Schumer since the Obamacare farce, no?) They rammed it through because the government "would not have enough funds to continue operations" after midnight Friday--AND because "working" Friday to make responsible budgetary adjustments meant infringing on the Democrat's deliberately planned "retreat" in Philly this weekend, to mostly conspire on how they plan to push their now-funded "social programs" to try to swing disgruntled voters before midterms in November! The CR only funds government until September 30th--and this was the THIRD one since October 1, when they SHOULD HAVE passed an "annual" budget! Pelosi tricked the House into passing it by splitting it into 2 bills--that would then be combined and sent to Senate. Totally negated the fact the bill probably would not have passed easily if presented at once. This gave RINO's the opportunity to vote for 1/2 of the bill and not the other--but the bottom line is they were combined as "the House Bill" after passage, so a vote "for" EITHER half, meant a vote to pass it! The Senate then passed it with 68 votes--18 crossover RINOs supported "feeding the beast" over "responsible budgeting."

KNOW who you're voting for in November, but do your research before the primaries. Most incumbents just need to go, and stopping a good chunk of them in their tracks by voting them out now, during primary season, would send a HUGE message.

Here are links to the 2 roll-call votes for the CR in the House:

https://clerk.house.gov/evs/2022/roll065.xml and https://clerk.house.gov/evs/2022/roll066.xml

Here's a link to the Senate roll call (notice the farcical name they gave the Bill vs. what it actually was, a CR!): https://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_votes/vote1172/vote_117_2_00078.htm

Look away from the squirrel, folks!

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Isaiah was right when he prophesied about human depravity and corruption; So was Jeremiah and Apostle Paul. But specifically Isaiah 59 describes perfectly our current state and why Almighty God must judge the world just as He said thousands of years in advance.

Climb aboard the ark of Jesus, our blessed hope, in order to endure, navigate and ultimately escape the difficult, tumultuous climax that is foretold in scripture.

If you are expecting man-made deliverance via political promises your hope is misplaced. The stage is being set for the Apocalypse toward which we are hurtling.

There are only two camps.

The faithful believers and those that hate the Truth (Jesus).

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Because they are a bunch of lying 𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐒

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Mar 14, 2022·edited Mar 14, 2022


(And I'm a preacher. Doesn't matter; you're right; they're all criminals who should be tried, sent to prison to rot, and NEVER, EVER trusted again.)

P.S. I live in Minnesota, and I'm a delegate for Dr. Scott Jensen in his race for governor of MN - if there's anything like a fair election, he will win!

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Emerald... I think his paper might have been retracted. I believe that Ivermectin as part of a comprehensive protocol does keep Covid patients out of hospital... but better check to make sure your reference is still good.

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Emerald, let me first say that I too read the conference abstract you reference with some satisfaction because it confirmed my opinions on the drug. I have since learned via John Campbell’s YT channel that the abstract has been “withdrawn” for an unknown reason. Not sure if that’s true but appears something is up.

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Raze the FDA, NIH, CDC and salt the earth beneath them. Lock Fauci up in a (one small window) jail cell with murals of his portrait facing him on every wall.

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