Darker as in bioweapon? Emerald, thank you for TRUTH once again!

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We need not wonder why New Zealand (Zoo Kneeland ? ) continues to disarm only it's peaceful citizens.

9/7/2023 https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/new-zealands-100m-buyback/

Nor why the captured media omits or euphemizes all of their tyrannical regime's blatant ongoing oppression & murders.

The wonder is only this: "How is it POSSIBLE for a sentient people to not recognize and respond - proportionally - to the enslavement for which they paid, and are paying for, and agreed to (voted for)."

One word: Mass Formation Psychosis! (well, it would be one word in an insurance commercial!)

To quote William Wallace: "We all end up dead, it's just a question of how or why."

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You can find a range for the true average value of percentage of vax deaths by using what is known as the student’s-t distribution:

Significance level (uncertainty) = alpha = 0.05 or 5 %

Alpha/2 = 0.025

Degrees of freedom = n – 1 = 10 – 1 = 9

t sub alpha/2 = t sub 0.025 = 2.26 (from table)

Estimated average death rate from the data = x bar = 10.6 %

Sample standard deviation = s = 5.8

The 95 % confidence interval for the true average value of the vax death rates = x bar +/- (t sub alpha/2) * (s / (n) ^ 0.5) = 10.6 % +/- (2.26 * (5.8 / (10 ^ 0.5))) = 10.6 % +/- 4.1 or a range of 6.5 % to 14.7 %. We are 95 % confident that the true average death rate is in the range from 6.5 % to 14.7 % based on the New Zealand data.

The lower figure, 6.5 %, the minimum value, is scary when you apply it to any country’s population.

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No doubt this data is true. However, it's a small town in New Zealand. We don't know if this was one of the first batches, training of handlers, injection methodology, etc so I don't think this info can be extrapolated to a world wide basis. And I am a Covid Vax skeptic, big time skeptic. But this data is insufficient.

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