Beware of Tik Tok; it’s run by the ChiComs. Why I’m not on there.

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Could care less about these empty headed socialists running these media! I left Facebook a LONG TIME AGO, as well as Twitter when Trump got banned. It's just a waste of time and garbage.

Who gives a crap about what these trash think??!!! Period!!

They WILL BE dealt with in due time. I'm not on Tik Trash either! A LOT of this social media that is praised and thought of as SO SPECIAL is nothing but stupid garbage.

It is a WASTE OF TIME to even care about what THEY THINK!! WHO CARES?!!

Oh, and they have lots of criminals on there and those that want to destroy our country.

Sorry, not angry but just so SICK of all of this hype about them. If you don't like them, I'd GET OFF

of their stupid platform.

Don't give them the time of your day people! LEAVE! Trump had money to get his own social media. Gettr, MeWe, Telegram, and other platforms are out there now where you can share views and everything, if that matters to you, and there's no whiplash.

This whole planet has become unglued and going in the wrong direction. MOST of what people think is so great, is NOTHING at all.

What matters most in life is garbage to these socialist idiots.

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This is such a common problem with a really simple answer. It’s not something I’ve come up with myself but rather something content creators have done, specifically Styxhexenhammer and Salty Cracker.

Both run YouTube channels and post YT safe content there while promoting alt tech platforms like Rumble, Odysee and Bitchute in their videos and their descriptions.

That Twitter and Facebook censor opinions they don’t like is last centuries news. Ignoring them and only using gettr and gab isn’t really hurting them enough.

Share the Twitter safe stuff on Twitter if you still go there. And while sharing it, make people aware of the other platforms where the stuff that will get you banned will be.

This constantly pointing out that Twitter is AIDS is fine I guess but I’m pretty sure most people know this, even the people who are still on Twitter. There are some people who post good stuff there but I just can’t go into that cesspool anymore. If you’re not willing to cross post on gettr then I’m sorry.

So...stop posting stuff on Twitter you know will get you banned. Twitter hates America, yes I know that’s absolutely shocking. Bombshell. If you are going to use Twitter, post something safe and give people a reason to find your good posts on other platforms. Get the normies out of that toxic wasteland.

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I know I'm old and see the world through rheumy eyes - I remember when folks wrote handwritten letters - yeah, I'm that old. But, and this is just a suggestion, what if folks just stopped using Twatter and Fakebook? I'm guessing there are other ways in place to quickly communicate and share pics of what you ate for dinner. Like, oh, I don't know - email. Remember email? It still works. Of course, pics of your new haircut only go to those you send it to and not thousands of complete strangers and your teenage niece might not even know how to open email but you can't win them all.

What I'm saying is - if the rule of modernity is FOLLOW THE MONEY and those who own the platform need your participation to make money but censor you, then stop participating and you essentially cut the head off the snake. The snake then writhes around in pain and dies.

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Most of your followers left Twitter and Facebook a long time ago because of their bias and extreme censorship. You don't need them. Get on Gab! Free speech is permitted there. Yes are there disagreeable and some racist people on Gab, there are a few, but they are the minority. Most people on gab are conservatives and Christians who believe in free Speech and the Constitution.

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Emerald is the best journalist!

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Will you be on Truth Social?

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I quit Twitter when Rush Limbaugh bailed after they banned Donald Trump. Checking my Parler account (before big tech wrecked them) I realized the hundreds of people I used to follow on Twitter had set up there as twitter banned them. THAT was eye-opening! So, I was on my way out anyway.

I left FaceBooKKK in '18. That was much easier.

Obviously, setting up an alternate platform is a way to preserve speech. Treading lightly on either twitter or FaceBooKKK seems to be complying with their game. Getting banned leads to street cred.

Trying to get Twitter or FceBooKKK to change is like expecting ABCPBSNBCMSNBCNTYWaPoCBS, etc., to moderate their baked in bias. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!


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Facebook I quit almost 3 minutes after I joined. I mean I like jolly baby pictures as much as anyone but that appears to be the target audience. Anything else is too dangerous? Twitter I never even bothered with, except now someone will post a story online and I'll click on it and bingo it then it tells me to join Twitter to get the rest of the story. Sorry,, not me. But, all the stories about "high tech" manipulation of data and meddling in election results has soured me on "high tech." They need to go broke and go away.

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I'm sharing our articles on Twitter Emerald! My friend, FRINGE WITH BENEFITS, is reading your articles on her PODCAST too! <--- FRINGE WITH BENEFITS. (by the way - the podcaster is also a Naked and Afraid alumni - and she is FEARLESS! Like Emerald!!)

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Social media platforms coming from the right aren't as big an improvement as many might hope. Truth Social, Gettr, and Parler won't allow real free speech. If they are offered in Apple's app store, Apple gets to dictate how they must behave.

Gettr tossed Nick Fuentes off just for being Nick Fuentes. The guy can sometimes get on my nerves, but that doesn't mean a supposed free speech platform should shove a gag in his mouth and kick him out the door. Free speech means letting him have his say and letting others refute what he says if they can.

As far as free speech goes, Truth Social sounds like it will be worse than even Gettr. It doesn't allow users to “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.” Even Fakebook allows people to disparage and tarnish Fakebook and even Zuckerbucks himself. Truth Social will not only kick you off for that, but “In addition to terminating or suspending your account, we reserve the right to take appropriate legal action, including without limitation pursuing civil, criminal, and injunctive redress.” Say the wrong thing and you might get sued! I would hope this threat is only intended for people who use technology or mass disruption campaigns to harm Truth Social's ability to operate, but the warning doesn't say that. Truth Social's terms of service make Big Brother Twitter sound like *LIttle* Brother Twitter. In fact, Truth Social even forbids the “excessive use of capital letters.” As President Trump might say, "BAD!"

Emerald, if you see this, maybe you will consider doing a story on the conservative "free speech platforms", to what degree they *are* free speech platforms, and, if they're not, why. Or maybe you've poked Conservative Inc. in the eye enough lately and you want to let them recover for a month or two. :-)

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NASED National Association of State Election Directors

NASS National Association of Secretaries of State

Belfer Center (Harvard University) Read page 2, the welcome letter to The Battle Staff Playbook: https://www.belfercenter.org/publication/elections-battle-staff-playbook

Rewind to the Cyber Symposium: https://frankspeech.com/tv/video/dr-shiva-social-media-censorship

Dr. Shiva's Censorship Infrastructure Diagram: https://vashiva.com/first-amendment-twitter-galvin-lawsuit/

Global Engagement Center - United States Department of State

I called in to Brannon's radio show on Thursday the 17th. https://www.worldviewweekend.com/radio/audio/worldview-radio-brannon-howse-march-17-2022  Go the 53:17 mark in this audio, that's me calling in.

Regards, Jessica from NJ

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This generation's MySpace.

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