Pfizer is guilty of crimes against humanity

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We all knew what was coming, but seeing it in writing is still nauseating. Myself and my children the only ones out of my extended family who are unvaccinated. They all willingly went and even got boosted. My 12 year old nephew was just vaccinated despite having Delta last fall. I’m absolutely heartbroken and there’s nothing I can do but pray.

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I too was VERY alarmed when I saw those nine pages of AEs. Then I searched the heading term “Adverse Events of Special Interest,” & learned that is essentially a list of conditions for which the investigators will be LOOKING in the clinical trials, not what Pfizer had actually FOUND yet.

There ARE Adverse Events Pfizer lists with specific numbers & percentages. Those, I believe are AEs people who got the shots actually developed, according to post-market (data Pfizer collected after the shots got EUA & started being put in people).

Either way I trust this industry & our captured regulators less than EVER.

I knew better, based upon an 8-year informal investigation I conducted of Pharma practices, after two “99.9%” safe & effective Pharma products (hip replacement made by Johnson & Johnson wrecked my health, life & career as a local news anchor). Turns out the crap was causing cobalt toxicity, affecting my heart & brain. After 8.5 years of misery & research, I finally knew they were the cause of my worsening health, got them explanted, & got better (heart & brain at least).

To find out the truth, I had to go sit in on several people’s civil trials. You would not BELIEVE how fraudulently some of the “studies” had been conducted. That’s what began to open my eyes. Having been raised by an old-school surgeon who was a doctor just because he loved people (not as much for the $ rewards), it took me a long time to accept. In many cases the doctors don’t know the studies were conducted using fraud.

You are all wise to be skeptical. This industry does some good, but it does a ton of harm too & then lies to cover it up.

Glad you’re an Indy journalist too now, all of you!



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In my fantasy world, there is a national print news paper staffed with journalists that are overseen by Emerald Robinson as Editor. This paper heralds a return to true journalistic integrity and it is called: (INSERT ANSWER HERE)

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Emerald - hell is not hot enough for all the evil ones who have forever changed the DNA of some persons. When will the arrests, trials and justice be served? Continue with prayers, please.

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Great piece!!

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Thanks for this information, Emerald. It is just insane to be pushing this drug on our children.

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Mar 6, 2022·edited Mar 9, 2022

I am finding that those that took the jab for themselves and/ or their children shrug this newly released data off as not important. I don't know if they pray vigorously in private that the adverse events don't come knocking on their door or if they are like the person who got swindled while buying a used car and will deny forever that they got swindled. (good news for used car sales people -the Biden Regime and all their 3 letter agencies now top the list of most unethical professions). 🙏 for America.

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My BIL a pediatrician from NJ, won’t even entertain the possibility of adverse side effects to the vaccine. Apparently the scientific method was abandoned to get Trump and continues to this day. ALL medications have side effects, you just hope the good outweighs the bad. Success has a million fathers but like all governmental screw ups, nobody will take responsibility once the bad stuff starts coming out.

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I can't believe that this has happened, that so many people have been deceived. We all saw the video of the doctor saying that every animal tested with the vaccine died within two months, he went on to say it will take us two years for us to die. And that's scary.

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No one with any sense of honor and decency could argue that these past 22 months were a “pandemic of the unde—rvaccinated 5-yr olds.” You are absolutely right. STOP the madness.

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