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Watch: The Ghost Voters of Dallas County, Texas

How did the votes triple at one polling station after the polls closed?

A poll worker from Dallas County (Texas) sent me the following video along with this story:

This is what happened at my location.

We had a total of 857 voters come in — according to the 5 poll pads — but the computer says we had over 2000 voters checked in.

Ghost voters were also added to the poll pads.

There were 9 Dallas County locations that had this same issue.

The video shows a computer screen from the University Park UMC polling station in Dallas, Texas. Two poll workers notice that the computer shows an increase in voters after the polling location has closed.

The number of voters almost tripled from the official tally.

The poll worker also says that the tabulators “jammed” on the afternoon of Election Day.

The problems with the voting machines in Texas were so obvious and so widespread that Governor Greg Abbott has already called for an investigation of the elections in Harris County.

Remember when everyone told you that election fraud was a conspiracy theory after the 2020 election? Where did all those people go?

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