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Praise For Emerald Robinson

“She’s got balls made of titanium.” —Steve Bannon

“Emerald Robinson is one of the most fearless and accurate reporters in America today.” — Gateway Pundit

“There are a handful of heroes and heroines right now in history — and Emerald Robinson is one of them. She acted like a reporter [about the COVID vaccines] and there are only three of us. So many people who are supposed to be reporting news have simply swallowed the Kool-Aid and refused to ask the good questions — and those of us who have asked the good questions got deplatformed, smeared, and attacked.” —Dr. Naomi Wolf

“There’s a great piece, I had it last week; I didn’t get to it. It was from June 29th by Emerald Robinson. It was published in the American Spectator, “The Collapse of the Never Trump Conservatives.” And this is one of the best pieces I’ve read. The Flight 93 Election was a great one; that was one of the first ones. That was during the campaign. There have been a couple of others that have come along, but this one by Emerald Robinson, which I’m not even gonna share excerpts with you from this because if I got started I’d read too much of it.” —Rush Limbaugh

“The enfant terrible of the White House press corps…” — corporate media shill

“Emerald is truly one of the great conservative writers of our times. As funny as Mark Twain and as astute as Steve Bannon.” — Viktor K.

“Some journalists write with pens, she writes with knives.” — Vicchus

“You are the female version of Tucker Carlson. You have been prescient about so many things it's almost scary.” — F. Lawrence Coleman

“Love your work. You and Glenn Greenwald are the best in terms of current journalism. You and Lara Logan in terms of fearlessness!” — Mac T.

“When all is said and done, Emerald is going to be hailed as this century's Edward R. Murrow.” - Don Reed

“You have been correct about everything; and you have been FIRST to break the news.” — Tricia

“Emerald, I am glad to support you! We need fierce independent journalists like you. Great Job!” — Gary L.

"Emerald, you’re the best! Thank God for you and your real reporting!" — Laura D.

“Great work, Emerald. Real investigative journalism. A true professional.” — John B.

“Dear Emerald, You write very well and I appreciate the investigative work. Anytime I post your writings on my TS account it is always liked and Re-Truthed more than any other author's work I post.” — Dr. Jeffrey H.

“You’re an important, much valued, and highly respected voice. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf, the more appreciated because you’re swimming upstream. I’m a bit of a fatalist and, so, am inclined to despair that anything we say or do at this late hour will prevent our advanced cultural decline from reaching its dark end, but your voice gives me hope that the antiseptic of Truth may yet prevail. Big time kudos for your work.” — Robert D.

Bio: Emerald Robinson

Emerald Robinson was the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax, and also the chief White House correspondent for One America News (OAN) during the Trump Administration. Her daily questions to Biden Regime press secretary Jen Psaki in 2020-2021 are well known. She has interviewed President Trump, Secretary Mike Pompeo, Senator Rand Paul, Secretary Ben Carson, and many other public officials.

She was suspended from Twitter in November 2021 for her investigative reporting on the undisclosed ingredients in Moderna’s COVID vaccine. Her articles regularly appear in Gateway Pundit, Real Clear Politics, Citizen Free Press, Revolver News, and many other media outlets.

You can follow Emerald Robinson on GETTR, Gab, Instagram, and Truth Social.

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Covered the White House for Newsmax & OAN. Censored by U.S. Government For Reporting On COVID Vaccines. A Thorn In The Side of Jen Psaki.


Emerald Robinson is an independent journalist. Her new weekday TV show, The Absolute Truth, is on FrankSpeech TV. She served as the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax (2020-2022) and for One America News (2017-2020).