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How Can You Secure Your Vote in 2024?

Mike Lindell noted his 10-step plan to "stop the steal" at a Trump rally in Florida

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How Does VIP Project Secure Our Election?

The Voter Identity Protection (VIP) project fills an important gap in Mike Lindell’s layered offense strategy, related to the fraud indicators identified by Dr. Douglas Frank in the documentary Scientific Proof. In the documentary, Dr. Frank demonstrated scientific evidence of machine-based algorithms in counties all across the USA. The algorithm appears to leverage bloated, inaccurate voter rolls to allocate ballots to voters unlikely to cast ballots in a given election because they were either dead, had moved, had changed their name (e.g. marriage), or had requested an absentee ballot but had yet to return that ballot. This allocation would be performed in manual, semi-automated or fully automated “ballot factories” where completed ballots would be inserted into ballot envelopes with pertinent voter information and then organized into community-specific bundles. These bundles would in turn be deposited at drop boxes or mailboxes within the pertinent community.

When delivered to election officials for pre-tabulation processing, election officials are generally limited to the information provided by state voter registration systems when it comes to validating the identity of the voter. If the ballot envelope information matches the information in the state’s centralized voter database, the identity of the absentee voter is considered “validated” and is released for tabulation.

This mail-in ballot fraud mechanism is almost impossible for local election officials to detect. Short of ballot factory or ballot distribution whistleblowers, the only ways to detect such fraud is typically after the fraud has been successfully used to subvert an election. One way is via statistical analyses of election records such as that performed by Dr. Frank. Another way is via the canvassing of voters after the election to see if the voter history data managed by the state is consistent with field observations in the suspect communities.

Yet another way is to monitor drop boxes for illegal activity such as that documented by True the Vote in the Dinesh D’Souza documentary 2,000 Mules.

The VIP project aims to enable detection of this fraud mechanism much sooner—during the election.

Go here to read more information on Mike Lindell’s plan.

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